Alchimie de la douleur
La lune ne garde aucune rancune
The Angel’s Share (La part de l’Ange… ) - Ph. Cath. An

There are some rooms where the presence of the Other is always felt around. This is a young girl who is entering her grand-mother’s bedroom. She  comes across  the deceased woman’s mirror, and stops for a while before  it.  She then remembers.  A face comes back to her.  Gestures too.  Light accompanies her through her memories. The rosary is still here. A prayer flies by.  An angel appears in the beam of the light. It was important for her to open this door. And to see again this place  and her belongings. Feeling her presence through these memories.  As she leaves the bedroom, the young girl takes with her the angel’s  share… This glorious share which accompanies us one we have welcomed it… Though this series of 14 photographs I wanted to pay a modest tribute to  my grand-mother. She passed away a few years ago and I could not make  it to her funeral. In order for my approach to be coherent and to remain  in the family circle, my cousin accepted to represent me in these  photos. I truly thank her.